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Map Description The map above shows the properties that we either own in various stages of development, or have recently sold.  In addition, it shows areas where we have team members with various skill-sets added to our network.  We are expanding to all areas of the country, and looking for construction and real estate experts interested in joining our team, and ready to start receiving work orders from us for preservation, analysis, construction, offer writing, and property listings.  This map is updated daily as new registrations are approved.

Real Estate/Property Managers
We are looking for real estate brokers and agents to help us in all aspects of our company.  We need underwriting experts that can offer quick home value analysis for a fixed fee and agents to write offers on properties for our team.  We need property managers with established leasing companies to manage newly acquired rental properties.  We need brokers and agents that can list our properties for sale. New Real Estate
Contractors/ Trade Partners.
We need general contractors, trade partners (drywall, paint, landscape, cabinets, granite, etc), property preservation contractors (secure properties, rekeys, inspections, etc) to register to join our team to start receiving paid work orders today.  We require general liability and workers compensation insurance.  We will pay for property quotes, we follow unit rate pricing.
New contractor


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Quote from CEO Aaron Amuchastegui

June 2014- We have winded down operations in many States, refocusing on California as a primary market, with 5 secondary markets nationally.  We should be closing escrow on our second bulk purchase in less than two weeks.

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